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Working with the Communities where we operate

Working with the Communities where we operate

With any demolition or construction related project there are always concerns from those living and working close to the site. These are primarily dust, noise, increased traffic movements, and security of the site – this is of particular concern to parents.

Making contact with the community is an integral part of our project planning process. We have a designated Community Liaison Officer who works alongside our site management team for this purpose. Our work is primarily in inner city locations where there is a very diverse cultural mix of people. Before we begin the contact process we research the area by spending time monitoring pedestrian and traffic movements, contacting neighbourhood associations, visiting schools and local businesses.

From our initial research we will produce literature to outline our working methods, and the measures we will put in place to reduce the impacts relevant to the community and environment surrounding the site. These include:

  • Use of dust sprays
  • Noise monitoring
  • Planning noisy working times
  • Traffic management plans
  • Site safety talks in schools
  • Educational packs
  • Use of sound barriers

This information is then produced in different languages where required and distributed in the area by door-to-door leafleting and personal visits.

Feedback is always welcomed and is incorporated into our project planning.  We believe in building relationships by listening to the community and are always happy to arrange follow up meetings. Throughout any project we keep the community informed by printed newsletters, emails, social media and our website blog.

In the past we have arranged community events on the completion of projects and have invited prominent people from the area to attend.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

Randall Contracting are accredited with the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme’ and are audited on a regular basis on all aspects of our site set up.

Supporting our local area

Randall Contracting are committed to supporting the  local area to where we are based by supporting Council and community events. When purchasing supplies and equipment we always try to support other local businesses.

Our recruitment policy is to advertise career opportunities within the company to the local areal first.





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