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  • Part demolition of occupied buildings
  • Demolition of small to large scale buildings and structures
  • Soft stripping of buildings prior to demolition

Demolition Contractors in London and the South East

Soft-stripping and the safe demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures is our area of expertise. The majority of our specialist work is carried out in densely populated locations in London and the South East, where it is essential for a project’s impact to be minimised.

We work with a broad range of clients in both the public and private sectors on a variety of projects which include the demolition of Tower Blocks, Schools, Industrial Units, Residential Homes, Offices, Warehousing, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Community Halls and Council-owned Garage developments.

Reducing the impact of our work on local communities and the environment is of vital importance, and a key part of the tender and planning process. In keeping with these goals, we can adopt a range of specialist demolition methods, including:

  • Floor-by-Floor Demolition – In certain circumstances the option for demolition contractors to use long reach excavators to demolish high rise structures is not feasible. This may be due to the close proximity of other buildings, and environmental issues. In this situation, the only safe and sensible option is to carry out the work using a Top Down ‘Floor by Floor’ demolition technique. Following the erection of scaffolding, crash decks, and protective monoflex sheeting, the building is ‘soft stripped’ of its doors, windows, services and non structural elements, until only a bare concrete shell remains. In many cases a Tower Crane will be installed for the lifting of excavators to the working floor level, as well as assisting in the dismantling of the structure and lowering of structural elements to the ground. Floor-by-Floor deconstruction by demolition contractors is a complex and technically challenging procedure that involves the highest degree of engineering investigation and design throughout the planning and implementation stage of the works.
  • Robotic Demolition – The Brokk demolition robot is the ideal tool to carry out demolition work in confined spaces such as basements, and it addresses many of the environmental problems facing demolition contractors today. These remotely controlled electro-hydraulic power packs are extremely versatile and very powerful, yet they produce no harmful fumes and they and prevent hand-arm vibration problems in the user.

Specialist equipment

Where buildings are close by, or in occupied buildings where partial demolition is taking place – we employ flexible working programmes with designated noisy work times. We also operate a wide range of excavators and specialist attachments to reduce the impact on the local environment where possible.

NFDC accredited demolition contractors

Randall Contracting is an NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) accredited contractor. By engaging an accredited contractor you are guaranteed a high quality service. The NFDC audit all their accredited demolition contractors to ensure they are maintaining the very highest of standards.

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